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Invest in the future of the DSO to perform music, enrich people’s lives and underpin our DSO education programmes.

The DSO’s distinguished history and passion for making world-class music continues to make an  important contribution to the cultural capital of Dunedin and surrounding areas. The DSO is your orchestra with a deep community connection to you – our supporters. Your investment strengthens our performances, safeguards our commitment to our players to provide innovative, high quality programmes and grow our activities.


DSO donors share our love of great music. Your thoughtful generosity supports the heart of the DSO to keep making music. We are grateful for every donation, large or small – they all make a difference to the future of the DSO.

All donations over $5 are tax deductible and receive an official tax receipt. Contact us for more information (there is a handy form at the bottom of this page), or donate online with secure credit card payment.

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DSO Donors

Donations of over $200  are listed on the DSO Donor acknowledgement page found in all our concert programmes and on our website (anonymity respected).

  • Concertino $200+
  • Concertante $500+
  • Bronze $1,000+
  • Silver $2,000+
  • Gold $5,000+
  • Platinum $10,000+

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Grateful thanks to our 2021 DSO Donors

Gold Corporate Partners: Webb Farry, Forsyth Barr, Anderson Lloyd, nhnz
Platinum Donors: Cally & Lloyd Williams, David & Hilary Hunt, Anonymous x1
Platinum Academy Patrons: Carol & Trevor Kempton
Gold: Graeme & Eunice Marsh, Graham Mitchell
Silver: Anonymous x2
Bronze: Noel Carroll, Christian Martin, Anonymous x1
Concertante: Hayley Baird, Anne Cloonan, Anonymous x1, Polly & Charles Higham, Felicity Christian, Val Braumann
Concertino: Eileen Brunton, Margaret & Graeme Collie, Rhodes Donald, Colin & Christine Fitzpatrick, Peter & Prue Gilbert, Clare & Bill Hodgson, Glennie Jamieson, Elizabeth Muir, Dennis Norman, Nicola Peart, Ulla Reyman, Chris & Gisela Sole, Sharon van Turnhout, Elizabeth Duke & Elizabeth Thompson, Anonymous x2


The Foundation for the Dunedin Civic Orchestra (CC 26969) was established in 1994 with the objective of accumulating and holding reserves in trust for the Orchestra, and to ensure its long-term viability.

The Dunedin Symphony Orchestra is trying to raise $6 million over 20 years. We depend heavily on grants from organisations such as Creative New Zealand, the Dunedin City Council and the Otago Community Trust. However, funding is not guaranteed. Interest earned from accumulated funds in our trust account will be used to create scholarships, promote musical education and fund extra concert activities. Our aim is to keep the capital intact and only use Foundation earnings to supplement or replace grants and other financial resources that may cease.

Tax rebate for donations

For donations of $5 or more you can claim a tax credit of one-third of the amount (up to the amount of your taxable income). The Dunedin Civic Orchestra Inc (trading as the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra) is registered (CC34031) as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005. The Foundation for the Dunedin Civic Orchestra Inc is registered (CC22696) as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005.


Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most lasting gifts you can make. It will safeguard the orchestra and live performances for future music lovers. When the time is right for you to include a gift in your Will, please remember us and consider becoming a member of our family of DSO Guardians. By making this lasting commitment, you will be leaving your own musical legacy for future generations to enjoy.

For more information:

Download our Bequests brochure

DSO Student Ambassadors on Campus

The aim of the initiative is to increase access for students to the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra’s events.

The DSO conducted a study in 2013 in collaboration with the University of Otago’s Department of Marketing to gain a better understanding of the student market in Dunedin with the view of increasing student attendance at DSO concerts.  The study identified a need to increase students’ awareness of the DSO by working with the University of Otago’s Music Department and other campus information channels. In order to help us reach our aims we’re looking for DSO Student Ambassadors on Campus to promote our events via various marketing channels.

If you are a student, passionate about classical music and willing to volunteer your time for this purpose, please get in touch.

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