Tally Ho! 2 – Dunedin Sound Songs & Singers

Saturday 4 November 2017, 7:30 pm
Dunedin Town Hall

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Featuring: Anna Leese, Shayne Carter, Graeme Downes, David Kilgour, Martin Phillipps, Metitilani Alo, Molly Devine, Nadia Reid, Anthonie Tonnon and conductor Peter Adams

 Join the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra as it lets its hair down! Following on the success of the 2015 performance of Tally Ho! which attracted a capacity Town Hall audience, and now back by popular demand, the DSO brings you a further selection of songs from the eclectic ‘Dunedin Sound’ pop music genre.The songs for the second version of Tally Ho! are very wide-ranging emotionally – intimate, raucous, humorous, triumphant and much more with hits like, ‘Death & the Maiden’, ‘Cactus Cat’, ‘I Love My Leather Jacket’, ‘Spooky’ and  ‘Call the Days’. Tally Ho! 2 spans the best part of 40 years of creative output of the Dunedin Sound era.  The stylish orchestrations by Graeme Downes have a couple of real surprises in amongst the more iconic songs. “Death And The Maiden will tear the Town Hall from its foundations”

Singers include some of the original Dunedin Sound artists, including, Shayne Carter, Graeme Downes, David Kilgour and Martin Phillipps. We will be joined by opera star Anna Leese as well as Metitilani Alo, Molly Devine, Nadia Reid and  Anthonie Tonnon. Conducting these artists and the DSO will be the incomparable Peter Adams.

Some of our Tally Ho! 2 musicians played a major role in the 2017 APRA Silver Scroll Awards at the Dunedin Town Hall in October. David Kilgour’s band, The Clean, was inducted in the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, Shayne Carter was the Music Director for the awards, Nadia Reid, a Port Chalmers native was one of the five finalists for a Silver Scroll Award, and Graeme Downes and singers and DSO instrumentalist performed one of the 2015 Tally Ho! songs at the Awards.

Get a ticket now, celebrate Dunedin’s legacy!