Introducing DSO 2020 Concert Series.

Concerts 2020


Update 14 September 

Renewal – Tchaikovsky and Ritchie – a Level 2 Concert Experience

The DSO is delighted that its 19th September is going ahead.  It will be run in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 Level 2 guidelines, and this means the concert experience will have major changes.  (For more details on the government’s guidelines please look at the Event facility section: where there is specific reference to ‘concert venues’).

Fewer than 400 tickets to sell – don’t miss out

According to Level 2 guidelines, a concert venue is an Event Facility and it is to be divided into audience zones (‘defined spaces’) with each zone containing only 100 people.  Because ushers and other staff need to be included in those totals, this means there are fewer than 400 seats to sell.

Entrances, exits, toilets

Each zone needs to be physically separated from the others and  to have it needs own designated entrance, exit, and toilet facilities.  So, with the help of the Town Hall management, these are the respective zones and what their designated entrances/exits are:

  • Zone 1: Stalls – main Moray Place entrance – right-hand queue
  • Zone 2: Circle/Gallery Left – main Moray Place entrance – left-hand queue
  • Zone 3: Circle/Gallery Right – corner of Moray Place and Harrop Street
  • Zone 4: Gods – first door down Harrop Street

Please see the picture to see where these entrances are.

Accessibility – Zone and Entrance:  Those with mobility issues are asked to:

  • Please book for the Stalls Zone.
  • Your entrance will be through the door just to the right of the Metro Cinema.
  • There you take the lift to the Stalls level and joint the others making their entry to the Stalls.

When you arrive

When you arrive at the Town Hall

  • Staff will be on hand to help audience members find the correct entrance.
  • You will be asked to either use the QR code or sign in on a list.
  • Please also use the hand sanitiser on entering.
  • Please also feel free to wear masks if you would like to.
  • Each zone will have its own programme sellers.
  • You will need to stay in your respective audience zone for the duration of the concert.
  • Because there is no inter-mingling allowed between the zones we will not be able to have any refreshments on sale.  Interval will be a good time to have a stretch of legs.
  • Nor is it possible to hold our Pre-Concert Talk.
  • Town Hall staff will be ensuring that all common touch-points (door and tap handles etc.) will be cleaned regularly during the evening.

Please note that:

  • Entering the Town Hall will take a bit longer so please arrive in plenty of time. Latecomers will not be admitted.  The first break in the music will be interval.
  • Because of Level 2 restrictions, there won’t be any door sales i.e. all tickets must be purchased in advance and must either be printed out at home, or have been collected from the Regent Theatre in advance – i.e. they can’t be collected on the night.

The hall will look different

  • Because of the need to ensure there is physical distancing i.e. 1 metre between your party and other people, the seats which are available for sale have had to be specified and these are either singles or doubles.

Despite all these changes, the conductor, soloist and players can’t wait to perform for you and we look forward to seeing you there.

Dunedin Town Hall – Entry Diagram for ‘Renewal – Tchaikovsky and Ritchie’ Saturday 19 September, 7.30 pm