Notes Apr-Jun 2018:1

Introducing Shlomo Mintz plays Tchaikovsky conductor

José Luis Gomez – Conductor

“The work displays a great deal of beautiful melodies always charged with intensity”. 

It is indeed always exciting to conduct a fantastic composition of one of my favourite Slavic composers. Dvorak’s  Symphony No. 7 displays a great deal of beautiful melodies always charged with the intensity of popular folk music from his native Czech Republic. It has one of the most beautiful second movements ever written, with a beautiful dialogue between the orchestra and the melody played by the solo flute and oboe. It is a piece that allows the orchestra to display its capacity to sing. Opening the concert I’ll have the great joy to conduct the well-known Aotearoa Overture composed by the New Zealand composer Douglas Lilburn. I’m also looking forward to sharing the stage with a world famous violinist Shlomo Mintz, playing the exciting and beautiful violin concerto by Tchaikovsky – making this concert unique and for sure not to miss!

I love New Zealand from my first visit back in 2015 where I had the chance to work with the talented young people of the NZSO Youth Orchestra. New Zealand has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world! As I kid I grew up with the enormous advantage of being part of El Sistema in my country Venezuela. This gave me the opportunity to experience orchestral playing at a very early age, the love of its repertoire and passion for the result of joining all of us together to make music at the highest level!

I am looking forward to going to new places such as my first visit to Melbourne, Australia and return visit to South Korea, Spain and South America this season.

Notes Apr-Jun 2018:2

Introducing Shlomo Mintz plays Tchaikovsky soloist

Shlomo Mintz – Violinist

“The piece is probably amongst the most popular ones in the violin concerto repertoire”

I enjoy performing any violin concerto, and the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto I can relate to very well since Tchaikovsky wrote it in Clarens, a Swiss resort on the shores of Lake Geneva. Switzerland has been my second home country for quite a number of years, and I do understand how and why Tchaikovsky found inspiration  amongst the Swiss landscape. The piece is probably amongst the most popular in the violin concerto repertoire. It’s packed with Tchaikovsky’s typically exciting Russian tunes, and explosive violin gymnastics. I am thrilled to share it with you soon!

I adore New Zealand and have visited the country twice in the past. It has such a variety of nature and beauty and the colours of the landscape are amazing.

I’m very much looking forward working with José Luis Gomez a very talented conductor who started his musical career as a violinist that will surely contribute to a thorough understanding of how to conduct the Tchaikovsky.

In 2018 I will be on tour in Italy, playing in the beautiful cities of Verona, Modena, Rome and Venice. Then a special concert to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel Quirinale in Rome. I go back to Chile and Argentina, I have concerts in the USA and China. My Masterclasses for young talents take place: in Budapest, Switzerland and Italy.

Notes Apr-Jun 2018:3

Guitar Extravaganza’s conductor Kenneth Young shares some thoughts about his life and his concert with us in June

“The orchestra is always a pleasure to work with”

I love visiting Dunedin. The orchestra is always a pleasure to work with, and the superfriendly management team do such a great job. Then, after having enjoyed the music-making, people, atmosphere and sights in this wonderful city, my wife and I will do what we usually do, and that is drive off into my favourite part of New Zealand, Central Otago, for a few days R and R.

I am very keen to work with the New Zealand Guitar Quartet. Jane Curry and I are colleagues at the New Zealand School of Music at Victoria University and have shared a concert platform previously. Owen and John I also know.However, they have a most accomplished new 4th member in Vladimir Gorbach whom I am looking forward to meeting and collaborating with.

I met Jack Speirs a couple of times; once when I was a member of the NZSO and he conducted a recording session of some of his works. I have always admired his compositional craft and sense of colour so am very pleased to have the opportunity to conduct his Night Music.

I adore Fauré, so consequently take any opportunity I can to programme his works. There is such a sweet sadness to his incidental music for Maeterlinck’s Pelléas et Mélisande, so in keeping with the play itself.

Bookending the programme are Beethoven’s thrilling overture to his incidental music for Goethe’s play Egmont and my favourite Mozart symphony, the brilliant Haffner.

Notes Apr-Jun 2018:4

Guitar Extravaganza’s  NZ Guitar Quartet share some thoughts about their lives and also about their concert with us in June

“This concerto for four guitars is a celebration of virtuosity and Spanish temperament”

We are excited to present the DSO première of Joaquin Rodrigo’s joyful Concierto Andaluz, under the experienced baton of Kenneth Young. Written in 1967, this concerto for four guitars and orchestra is inspired by Andalusian folk music and will delight fans of flamenco by referencing several dance forms including the sevillanas and zapateado. The concerto is a celebration of virtuosity and Spanish temperament, and was dedicated to the legendary guitar quartet Los Romeros. The work is distinguished by immense passion and festivity.

Our Quartet first came together in 2010. With classical guitarists Owen Moriarty, Jane Curry, John Couch and Vladimir Gorbach, we are now a trans-Tasman ensemble, with two members currently based in Australia.  Recent performances include concert tours in China, Australia and Canada. Nationally, the Quartet has toured  several times through both Chamber Music NZ and Arts on Tour (most recently completing a 17 concert tour in 2017). 2018 is a busy year for the NZGQ with concerts in Australia, Mexico and the USA, including the prestigious Guitar Foundation of America, Louisville Kentucky in June.

Notes Apr-Jun 2018:5

From Philippa Harris, General Manager

Fasten your concert seat-belts as the DSO concert season takes off! Our 14 April concert features two outstanding guest artists. Don’t miss the rare chance to experience technical wizardry and superb interpretation of internationally-renowned Shlomo Mintz who is unquestionably one of the world’s very best violinists. We’re delighted that after three years of planning this concert is finally possible. Joining him on stage on 14 April will be Spanish conductor José Luis Gomez. This fast-rising star of the music world will be on his first visit to Dunedin. Also making their first appearance with the DSO in June will be the superb NZ Guitar Quartet when they perform Rodrigo’s “other” guitar concerto Concierto Andaluz– written for four guitars! Under the masterly direction of Kenneth Young, the orchestra will also perform Jack Speirs’ Night Music in celebration of Matariki. The programme finishes with Mozart’s elegant and lively Haffner symphony.

Tickets for these concerts can be bought in several different ways. One option is a ‘one-stop-shop’ concert ticket subscription (at discounted prices) available through the DSO office. This is for those wishing to go to all of the concerts in either our International or Matinee Series – or both Series! There’s also our Flexi-Ticket option which gives a discounted price for those wishing to ‘pick and mix’ three concerts out of the full offering. For single concert tickets, you can either buy these online via our ticket agents or by visiting the outlets in person . You may have noticed media articles on the NZ Commerce Commission’s investigation into the reselling website Viagogo. We urge those of you wishing to buy online to follow the Commision’s advice to seriously consider whether buying from Viagogo is worth the risk.

We look forward to seeing you at the concerts!
Philippa Harris
General Manager