Hanover Hall: Our Home for Your Event

The orchestra moved into its new home, Hanover Hall, in December 2016.  Not only does Hanover Hall provide the orchestra with an acoustically safe and enlarged rehearsal space as well as office space, but the Hall is also available as a venue for hire at affordable rates.

The wheelchair-accessible venue is suitable for a wide range of events, e.g., music recitals, concerts, small-scale opera productions and plays, weddings, formal dinners, prize givings, seminars and art exhibitions.


The custom-designed acoustic panels on the walls provide a venue with exceptional acoustics, making it desirable for musical events.

The maximum seating capacity is 240, with 190 in the main auditorium and 50 in the gallery. The seating layout in the main auditorium is flexible and can be arranged to suit the event. If a sound mixing desk will be used, this will take up some of the floor space normally available for seating.

Hanover Hall is well heated, providing a comfortable space, especially in winter.

Equipment and Furniture
A loft stage, an optional floor stage, chairs, some long trestle tables and a two-channel public address system are available.

A small but fully equipped kitchen is available for your event. A roll-up hatch allows the space to serve as a bar.

Audience Toilets
Women’s and men’s toilet facilities are located backstage. There is also one accessible toilet off the main auditorium.

Backstage facilities
The Green Room is suitable for use as a meeting room, dressing room or food preparation space (for large catered events). There is also a separate backstage toilet.


  Commercial Dunedin Community
Incl. GST Ex. GST Incl. GST Ex. GST
Event Hire:        
     first 6 hours 862.50 750.00 250.00 217.39
     hourly additional 115.00 100.00 50.00 43.48
Rehearsal Day:        
     first 6 hours 345.00 300.00 150.00 130.43
     hourly additional 57.50 50.00 25.00 21.74
Kitchen (per day) 115.00 100.00 50.00 43.48
Piano (per day) 80.00 69.57 15.00 13.04
Piano tuning (per instance)  184.00 160.00 184.00 160.00

To find out more about hiring Hanover Hall as a venue for your event, please contact our Venue Hire Co-ordinator via the form below, or call  03 477 5623.

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