Rach 2- Russian Romantics soloist Jian Liu share some thoughts about his life and also about the concert with us in October.

Jian Liu – Piano

It was definitely one of the performances that solidified my belief and personal conviction that music is a unique force of nature that can be extremely powerful and beautiful, yet private and personal at the same time.”

Aside from its beautiful melodies and virtuosic technical displays that give the concerto its well-deserved popularity, Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 has always been a special and personal piece for me. It was the work I played when I performed a complete piano concerto with an orchestra for the first time, and I can still recall the experience quite vividly. The performance was in Kiev, Ukraine, when I competed at the final round of Horowitz International Piano Competition as an 18-year-old. I was completely immersed in the music, and I remember how emotionally satisfying it was to perform it with the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. The sense of music was so strong that I forgot that I was there, and I was completely embraced and submerged by the combined sound of piano and orchestra. It was definitely one of the performances that solidified my belief and personal conviction that music is a unique force of nature that can be extremely powerful and beautiful, yet private and personal at the same time. So I am really looking forward to playing it again after almost two decades, especially for my first time working with DSO! I have heard many wonderful things about the orchestra and Simon, so I am certain it will be another very beautiful experience for me.

This is a year of concertos for me, for some reason. I have performed concertos by Alfred Hill, Tchaikovsky, Benjamin Britten, and also Beethoven’s Triple Concerto, and now Rachmaninov’s. In terms of future performances, I am going to China to play a few concerts there in November this year. I will be back to play Beethoven 4th piano concerto with Hawkes Bay Orchestra in December. Then in January 2019 I am going to Graz, Austria, to play a piano duet concert with Hamish Robb, before performing in Nelson at the Adam Music Festival in February.

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