Songs of Moana
Sunday 8 July, 5:00 pm
Dunedin Town Hall

Kenneth Young Conductor
Te Vaka


Dozens of children, many of them pre-schoolers, formed the youngest ‘‘mosh pit’’ in the history of Dunedin Town Hall at Sunday’s Songs from Moana concert.  Narrated by Dave Armstrong, the hugely popular family show, which sold out all three levels of the Dunedin Town Hall, teamed up touring Pasifika performance group Te Vaka with the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra.
Featuring hit songs from the Disney movie, Moana, along with a selection of other Te Vaka works, the show was high¬energy, with the emphasis on fun. Te Vaka members sang, danced, and played traditional drums during the concert, earning big cheers for the best¬known songs. They also encouraged the youngsters to get up and have a go at dancing, island-style.
The DSO was sterling in support, swelling the sound on many songs, and also taking the chance to shine as player sections were introduced.
The huge audience, loud cheers and many little dancers showed that the experiment of combining orchestra with Pasifika was a great success. Bravo!

Reviewed by Brenda Harwood for The Star, Thursday, 12 July 2018

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