Introducing Shlomo Mintz plays Tchaikovsky conductor

José Luis Gomez – Conductor

“The work displays a great deal of beautiful melodies always charged with intensity”. 

It is indeed always exciting to conduct a fantastic composition of one of my favourite Slavic composers. Dvorak’s  Symphony No. 7 displays a great deal of beautiful melodies always charged with the intensity of popular folk music from his native Czech Republic. It has one of the most beautiful second movements ever written, with a beautiful dialogue between the orchestra and the melody played by the solo flute and oboe. It is a piece that allows the orchestra to display its capacity to sing. Opening the concert I’ll have the great joy to conduct the well-known Aotearoa Overture composed by the New Zealand composer Douglas Lilburn. I’m also looking forward to sharing the stage with a world famous violinist Shlomo Mintz, playing the exciting and beautiful violin concerto by Tchaikovsky – making this concert unique and for sure not to miss!

I love New Zealand from my first visit back in 2015 where I had the chance to work with the talented young people of the NZSO Youth Orchestra. New Zealand has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world! As I kid I grew up with the enormous advantage of being part of El Sistema in my country Venezuela. This gave me the opportunity to experience orchestral playing at a very early age, the love of its repertoire and passion for the result of joining all of us together to make music at the highest level!

I am looking forward to going to new places such as my first visit to Melbourne, Australia and return visit to South Korea, Spain and South America this season.

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