Tally Ho! 2 – Dunedin Sound Songs & Singers 

Conductor : Peter Adams
Singers : Anna Leese, Shayne Carter, Graeme Downes, David Kilgour
Martin Phillipps, Metitilani Alo, Molly Devine, Nadia Reid, Anthonie Tonnon
Saturday 4 November, 7.30pm
Dunedin Town Hall

Orchestrated ‘Dunedin Sound’ songs


Dunedin’s long and illustrious musical history was celebrated in style on Saturday night as a packed Dunedin Town Hall delighted in Tally Ho! 2.

 A collaboration between Dunedin Symphony Orchestra, music director­singer-composer Graeme Downes, conductor Peter Adams and past and present Dunedin music luminaries, Tally Ho! 2 was a great occasion.

The DSO, with the addition of drums, got its groove on as a procession of singers — Anna Leese, Shayne Carter, David Kilgour, Martin Phillipps, Metitilani Alo, Molly Devine, Nadia Reid, Anthonie Tonnon and Downes himself — sang a selection of popular songs from the heyday of the ‘‘Dunedin Sound’’, along with some more recent offerings.

Launching into it with a spirited ensemble rendition of The Clean’s Tally Ho! and David Kilgour’s The Waltz, the performers settled quickly into the rhythm of the night.

With Adams keeping a tight rein on the often complex rhythms and orchestration, the 24 songs were presented by different combinations of singers, or as solos.

Each audience member will have their own favourites from the night.  Mine included Downes and the chorus in Death and the Maiden (The Verlaines), the gorgeous clarity of Leese in Cathedrals Under the Sea (The Verlaines), Carter and Alo in a fantastic version of Dialling a Prayer (Straitjacket Fits), the deceptively simple beauty of Reid’s Call the Days, Tonnon’s fantastically descriptive Sugar in the Petrol Tank, Phillips’ evocative I Love My Leather Jacket (The Chills), Leese and Devine in a boppy version of Block of Wood (The Bats) and Devine’s powerful rendition of Cactus Cat (Look Blue Go Purple).

As the concert drew to a close, the audience was treated to a spine-chilling performance of The Chills’ Submarine Bells by Phillipps, Devine, Alo and Leese, before the entire ensemble came on stage for a ripping version of Pull Down the Shades (The Enemy).

The second collaboration between the DSO, Downes and Dunedin’s musical fraternity, Tally Ho! 2 was a great success all round.

Reviewed by Brenda Harwood for The Star, Thursday,  9 November 2017

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